Goodbye, 2016 & Hello, 2017

So this whole blog started because I needed somewhere to reflect upon self-improvement. I suppose it is time to reflect upon the past year’s goals, then!


Well, we did manage to get outside more. My kids played in the backyard for hours and hours most days in the summer and early fall, though I did notice they were less willing to play in the “cold” as the weather cooled down. So… score! 

In order for this to happen, our family had to cut waaaay back on screen time, though. We purposely did not replace the computer ruined by mice, which helped. 

By the end of the year, we only really watched under half an hour each day, with perhaps a movie once a week as a special treat. Many days were completely screen free for the kids! So another success.

Now lest you get suspicious that I’m too good to be true, know that mischief from the littles went way up once we we cut back on the screens.

Jadzia (4) took to dismantling bookshelves and climbing over the backyard fence. Garak (2) took to smashing eggs on the kitchen floor. Both children somehow hauled the the entire contents of the kitchen drawers and cupboards and dirtied it all while playing house out back. Multiple times for each offense, and I could go on.

As for getting more movement and moving away from a sedentary lifestyle, I’ve made very modest gains. As expected, the progress has been slow going, because I was wasted after a hyperemetic pregnancy. 

I have now managed to fit comfortably into my pre-pregnancy jeans again, though, which is a good sign. And I’ve recovered enough from pregnancy that I am strong enough to carry Odo (8 mo, 20+ lbs) in my arms whenever we go out, and I do!

The food situation hasn’t been as spectacular… James is doing all the cooking. All of it. We’re eating two or three healthy, homemade dinners each week, based on how busy he is. We need more progress here, but I must remember that we’re doing much better than we were during pregnancy.

So I’m pleased to report 2016 a success, especially since we managed to increase our number with Odo’s birth.


Now, my plan for next year looks like this:

It looks one a lot, but a lot of it is simply maintaining habits I’ve already made, or have come close to gelling in the past year. So really the big ones will be walking and cooking… And actually studying the scriptures rather than simply reading them. Everything else is a slight change.

In addition, James has elected to start a new math blog, and I will be providing the art for it. He is aiming for a post each week for the next six months, so that should keep my artsy side busy.

Good luck to all in your plans to work wonders! 🙂


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