A Bear Called Paddington by Michael Bond (1958)


So I discovered this year that the Paddington books (affiliate link) were chapter books first, and then later picture books were added to the franchise. I had had no idea.

Obviously I needed to read one, right? And obviously Jadzia wouldn’t let me read it without her, so I read all 100 or so pages aloud over about a week.

I thought it was a sweet story about a bear who keeps getting into trouble.

Jadzia. Loved. It. I don’t really know what she thought of the story itself, but when I asked her why she liked it, she said this: “Weeell… Because it has good words in it. Not bad ones.” I was a little confused at first, but after she struggled to explain, I finally realized that she loves the literary quality of the language! I think that’s a call for more literary classics at my house. 🙂



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