Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (1811)


I read Sense and Sensibility (affiliate link) on a slow simmer, maybe twenty pages a week. It’s my third Austen novel. I loved my little taste of Austen each week so much, that once I finished, I really missed Elinor and Marianne.

They’re an interesting pair of sisters. Elinor is an abundance of common sense and Marianne is has all the passion—and all the sense—of an excitable puppy. And both of them have to struggle with heartache throughout the novel. The excitable one gets her heart broken, but eventually is a bit more sensible and marries the logical choice—you know, the older, but honorable guy who also happens to love her dearly and have a ton of money. And Elinor has to deal with her boy being engaged to a jerk woman… and he can’t back out of that because it’d be dishonorable, right? Thankfully, jerk woman runs off with a jerk man and they elope, leaving Elinor’s crush available again. Phew.

So it’s not my favorite Austen, but I did like it. I think my favorite character, is strangely one I hated when I first encountered her in the book. Mrs. Jennings is all sorts of awesome. She’s good people. Except she’s also meddlesome and likes matchmaking and I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about meeting her in real life.

Seriously I should have written this five months ago when I actually finished the book, because it’s not fresh in my mind anymore. Oops.

In any case, I’m also going to say that I enjoyed this film adaptation (affiliate link). In the book, Elinor’s guy had basically no character development, and this movie did a good job of making him a real person worthy of a crush… but even with these liberties it remained true to the spirit of the book itself.



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