William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Veriliy, a New Hope by Ian Doescher


Oh my goodness, this was delightful. It wasn’t exactly high literature, but I loved it anyway. My favorite thing about William Shakespeare’s Star Wars was the fun of the treasure hunt. This thing has lots of Easter eggs. Can you find Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech? Or even the “we band of brothers” speech? And Hamlet talking to the skull? Favorite! There was even a Star Trek reference I found. This was just exquisite nerdly fun, and I love nerdly fun.

I will mention that it wouldn’t have been half as fun if I hadn’t read a ton of Shakespeare beforehand. I mean, sure, it’s in iambic pentameter, but Ian Doescher isn’t as good at it as Shakespeare himself—but hey, most people aren’t. It’s true. And of course, it’s not like I was unfamiliar with the story, so I wasn’t reading it for the stunning verse or the compelling plot. No… this wouldn’t have been nearly as fun if I wasn’t nerdy enough to pick up on the stolen Shakespeare monologues.

Also—can I just mention how HAPPY it makes me to see how perfectly this little book fits on the shelf next to my 37 volumes of Shakespeare? It’s just too perfect… it brings a happy tear to this nerdy eye.


P.S. This will be a classic in our house.


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