I Promise I’ve Been Busy

Despite my lofty goals for mother culture this year, I’ve had a hard time doing much more than… well, read books, because that’s the one thing I don’t struggle to fit into my day.

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But then… I only did one week of AO1 like I had planned to. I have one entry in my nature journal. I did one drawing lesson with my daughter. I did piano lessons for all of one week. I took maybe one week’s worth of walks with the kids around the neighborhood.

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I suppose I have managed to keep on top of slowly learning Serbian, and help the kids with that too, so I guess that is one victory.

I’m trying not to be too disappointed in my perceived failures, though, because I have managed to deal with lots of stressful stuff, including extended family drama, major health challenges and accompanying major lifestyle changes, a surprise CPS visit, a death in Rocketman’s family and an accompanying unexpected roadtrip, and most recently a trip to the ER for a barely breathing toddler… surely I’ve forgotten something… that seems incomplete. Oooh, yes, 4,000-acre wildfires just 10 miles up the road. I knew I’d forgotten something.

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So, anyway, stress.

And also… responsibilities!

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Rocketman is very invested in sharing math with the world, and so he started a blog called Infinity Plus One this year to share university-level math with laypeople. Of course, though, this requires an awful lot of work for me, too, because I’m the resident artist. And this blog he started? It practically requires quirky cartoons not to scare off the the general masses. So… yes, I’ve been cartooning on the side, and the blog only gets updated when I’ve had time to draw, despite it really being Rocketman’s baby.


And then, I’ve got another group website I’ve been asked to help out with, and praying about it really just confirmed that I should commit to it, so I did…

There really aren’t enough LDS homeschool resources on the Interwebs yet, and a group of us homeschooling mamas who are both Latter-day Saints and Charlotte Mason enthusiasts started By Study and Faith to help out others in this demographic. I love DoriAnn’s post about mother culture here, which I humbly submit is a must read even if you aren’t a Latter-day Saint!

Of course, working on that site has been… a lot more work than I anticipated. It turns out making helpful resources is a lot of work and takes oodles of time no one has. (That’s probably why good resources are so few and far between.)

We made an LDS hymn rotation for the 2017–2018 year, but even selecting one measly year’s worth of hymns was complicated. We eventually realized that in order to get a balanced selection for one year, we had to have all twelve years of school in mind… and, well, you get the idea.

One project we’re working on now is a scripture study intended for year 1 students focusing on the story of Christ, from premortal life to the eternities, roughly chronologically. We hope to have it up by the end of the year; and hope to use it with my own year 1 student next year. But again, it’s a lot of work. 🙂

Christ and the Young Child, Carl Heinrich Bloch

So, I mean, I guess I haven’t exactly been idle

I’m not optimistic about the coming year being any less stressful. I’ll have you know we are definitely moving this year, though we haven’t the foggiest idea where to.

Rocketman, my beloved math professor-to-be, is going nuts looking for a job because his current job is temporary. I made a handy list of all the universities and colleges he applied to this year, which you can look at on a map here, if you so desire.

As of today… there are six real possibilities for where Rocketman lands a job. Three upcoming interviews at Hillsdale College in Michigan, Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania, and California State University–East Bay. He’s had interviews and is waiting to hear back from the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates and the University of Alabama. Oh, and he also has a job offer (for a very unexciting and underwhelming lecturer position) at the University of Tennessee. Out of all those, I think Hillsdale is by far the best fit and therefore the most likely, but of course, Rocketman first has to convince his interviewers he is all that and a bag of chips.

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Anyway, it turns out that Rocketman and I shore up a lot of each other’s weaknesses, and so here I am helping him prepare for interviews… which are definitely not his strength. I’m half convinced that he couldn’t get his dream job without my help, so it’s a dang good thing he married me, right? (It’s also, you know, um, no pressure.)

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So job hunt stress… an upcoming mystery move… escape artist children… continuing family drama… health challenges and lifestyle changes… theoretically starting Jadzia in first grade this year… and continuing commitment to two big websites. Heh.

Image result for you'd be nothing without me gif

Well, wish me luck. I think I may need it.



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