Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (2017)

nmYou know, I’ve really, really liked everything else I’ve read by Neil Gaiman. I found they had a lot of… oh, I don’t know, pizzazz? I also really like mythology. By all accounts, I was supposed to adore this book.

I didn’t.

I really can’t place why. I know mythology is kind of simple, but this seemed even a little too simple for Gaiman’s work. He spiced it up some, yes. But it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I wanted it to be.

Oh yes, there were bits that were hilarious. The characterization of Loki and Thor were crystal clear.

It might be that it felt too… modern. The characters spoke like 2017 college kids. I think I ached for a bit more… richness. I liked it, but I wanted to be blown away.

Oh well.

I read this for general fiction for Amy’s Up and Coming Classics Challenge 2017. The verdict: I wasn’t blown away by this one. I was expecting to be, since I like Neil Gaiman and I like mythology… but I just felt there wasn’t a lot of depth in this. It was such a simple read. Maybe it was the subject matter. Despite its high popularity this year, I don’t think it’ll continue its popular streak all the way to 2117. Not a classic. Maybe with a bit more oomph, it could’ve been one, but no. I don’t think it’ll enjoy classic status.



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