Jadzia and the Mulberry Buds

So early Monday morning, Jadzia (5) woke up early. While the rest of us slept, she decided to go climb our tree in the backyard. It’s a fruitless mulberry.

Anyway, she discovered that despite the fact that it is early February, our tree is budding, and the buds look a bit like mulberries.

Oh, she was so excited. She ran in and woke up her brothers. “Mommy! Garak! Odo! WAKE UP! The tree has leaves and little berry things!”

The boys popped up and followed and seemed just as excited. I must confess to groggily muttering, “That’s nice, dear”, rolling over, and going back to sleep.

Eventually, though, she decided I was missing out, and drew the new leaves and buds for me.

So I finally rolled out of bed and took pictures. And then we talked about how the buds look like mulberries and the flowers even look like mulberries, and that the flowers could eventually be berries themselves!

It was an educational morning. I’m excited to see my budding natural scientist grow!


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