The Great Divorce by C. S. Lewis (1945)


The first time I read this book… well, I admit I rushed it. I had gone over to an aunt’s house to introduce my new fiancé to my extended family. But that aunt had just married someone with a decent library, and in that library I found The Great Divorce. So, it was a pleasure to re-read this one at a more leisurely pace… and also, after I had read something by George Macdonald and could be a proper fan girl when I realized that Macdonald is to Lewis as Virgil was to Dante.

This is a fantastic story. Literally; it’s a fantasy. Imagine that a bus takes a load of passengers from hell to visit heaven, and they can stay, if they choose to. The fascinating thing is… they don’t. They’ve changed their perspective so much by justifying their pet sins, that they cannot even see that heaven is heaven. They’re incapable of accepting the happiness of heaven as long as they’re determined to bring their sin with them into heaven. Interesting, no?

This is definitely a worthy read.



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