Putting the Blog on Hold

Well, two things have happened in the last little bit.

First, mice climbed through the fans at the back of our computer and into the electronic interior while it was powered down… and peed on the graphics card. So when my husband turned the machine back on, the graphics card promptly short-circuited. Anyway, we now have a few bits of computer but not an operable one. We aren’t planning to replace it until at least fall 2017, given all our lofty goals of less screen time and more movement and outdoor time. If you see me on the Internet, chances are I’m dinking away on my phone, or possibly on my husband’s laptop.

Second, I had a baby! He is seems to be somewhat high need, so I’m not getting a ton done besides an insane amount of nursing and holding the baby.

All this means blogging has suddenly become less of a priority in my life. Sorry. Do I even have any regular readers to apologize to, at this point? Ha.

In the meantime I am reading lots of books, memorizing hymns*, and of course, working toward those goals mentioned in earlier posts.

I also came up with pseudonyms for the kids for me to use on the Internet: Jadzia, Garak and Odo. Bonus points if you know where I got those from.

I will likely update sometimes, just not regularly. I may bring some of my thoughts from the 20 Principles discussion (on the AO forum) here.



*I’ve been using both the AO Hymn Rotation and suzukimom’s LDS hymn rotation. Some months that means I do two hymns, but that’s not a big deal because I’m a hymn lover and am usually familiar enough with the LDS hymn that I practically have it memorized already.


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